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Campfire - Release Notes

August 2020

Campfire 1.1.0 - 25 August

  • Open Activities: Open activities allow any volunteer to join the team without needing to wait for approval. In a single click, a new volunteer will be able to put themselves into an activity team and start settings their availabilities with zero delay. You can edit any of your existing activities to switch them to Open too. Read about using the new open activity setting

  • Improved experience when joining activities: We are trying out a new and improved interface for volunteers to use when joining activities. The aim with this is to present a simpler set of messages for vollies who are applying to join a public or private team at any time. You can see these interfaces in action in our new volunteer tutorial.

  • Bulletins: Need to share important information to all of your volunteers? Bulletins allow admins to post messages and notify all volunteers via email. Vollies can go back and view any bulletin at any time. You can find the bulletins dashboard in the Admin Console, and view posted bulletins through the My Elements page.

  • My Elements layout update: We’ve restyled the My Elements page to give it more room to breath, with bulletins now added into the mix.

July 2020

Campfire 1.0.0 - 29 July

  • Volunteer onboarding system upgrade (Set up your profile): With this release we bring a massively enhanced experience to the volunteers who are joining your team. We have split the volunteer onboarding flow into three distinct and easy to manage parts. Read about the new volunteer flow

  • Volunteer profile admin console: So that you can give your volunteers the best experience possible, we are giving you more control. The Admin Console > Volunteer Profile interface has been upgraded to a customisation powerhouse. Get the most out of this feature by re-ordering your existing tasks, or add more headings and instructions to give more structure. We don’t recommend that you delete any existing tasks or fields just yet, unless you are absolutely certain you want to forfeit the data. See what you can do with the volunteer profile dashboard

  • Incoming volunteers upgrade: Keeping track of volunteers between the stages of their onboarding was a pain, so we looked at all of the ways we could make it better. The new Incoming Volunteers system now lives alongside the Volunteer Database under the ‘Volunteers’ page. There is no longer any mixing of active volunteers and incoming volunteers, and we have added some cool status labels and progress bars to help you manage your future heroes.